abs workout at home

Have you heard of the quote “Abs are made in the kitchen”? It is true that in order to get visible abs you need to do the right exercises and eat well. After all visible abs mean low body fat. So forget about training abs in the gym and do your abs workout at home.

Lowering body fat

The first step to getting visible abs would be to lower your body fat. It’s not as simple as doing a gazillion of abs exercises when your body fat percentage is more than 15%. If there’s too much fat in your stomach region, you’ll never see them. There’s no such thing as spot-reduction, and hence you’ll need to do cardio sessions to lose fat effectively.

You need to track your diets as well. A calorie deficit diet plan will help you lose fat efficiently.

First, determine your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) and cut off 500 to 600 calories from it. Next, track your macros and your calories using the free ios and Android app and you’re good to go.

Cardio Sessions

Incorporating cardio sessions in your training sessions will burn more calories than just spot-training. Cardio sessions should involve your whole body and it should be intense. It should normally last between 15 to 20 minutes, wherein the rest periods between the sets or exercises should be relatively less. Doing so, helps your body increase your metabolism, which in turn burns calories faster than normal training sessions.

HIIT workout routine: A good cardiovascular routine should consist of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT Workout) is a training session that aims at burning maximum calories in a minimum amount of time. The training session is done keeping in mind that the rest periods are shorter.

It’s a great workout for burning fat, boosting your endurance level and developing your overall strength.

HIIT workout should be done in circuits and you should incorporate this training session 1-3 times a week depending on your goals.

Learn more about HIIT here.

6 pack abs workout at home without equipment

1. Hanging Leg Raises

Type: Strength
Main Muscles Worked: Abdominals
Equipment Needed: Body and a hanging bar.
Level: Intermediate to Expert


  1. Hang from a chin-up bar with both your arms and your legs straight. You can either use a wide grip or a close grip.
  2. Lift your leg towards your chest until your torso makes an angle of 90 degrees with the legs. (You can hold onto this position for one second)
  3. After position no. (b) go back to your original position as in point no. (a).
  4. Repeat the exercise for 15-12 repetitions.

If you are performing the exercise for the first time, do not add in any weights. Perform this exercise slowly and concentrate on your abdominal muscles. Avoid doing it in haste as you risk moving your torso also.

As you get more advanced, you can hold a medicine ball or a dumbbell in between your feet.

2. Plank

Type: Endurance and Strength
Main Muscles Worked: Abdominals
Equipment Needed: Body
Level: Beginner


  1. Get into a push-up position with your legs at shoulder width apart. Now support your body with your forearms, such that your body is parallel to the ground.
  2. Remain in that position for about 50 to 60 seconds. To increase the difficulty level, an arm or a leg can be raised.

3. Oblique Crunches

Type: Strength
Main Muscles Worked: Oblique
Equipment Needed: Body
Level: Beginner

abs workout at home


  1. Lie flat on the floor with your back fully pressed against the floor. For this, you will need an elevated flat surface to keep your feet.
  2. Now support your head with one hand with your elbows facing outwards.
  3. For example, if you are supporting your head with your right hand, slowly elevate your upper body till your right elbow touches the left leg. (Like crunching)
  4. Now lower your body to the initial position.
  5. You can either alternate between your left and right hand, or you can do a prescribed number of repetitions on one side and then switch onto the other.

4. Regular Ab Crunches

Type: Strength
Main Muscles Worked: Abdominals
Equipment Needed: None
Level: Beginner

abs workout at home


  1. Lie flat on your back and keep your knees slightly bent, or keep it in an elevated surface or a bench.
  2. Next, place your palms behind your head and do not lock in your fingers.
  3. Now, slowly crunch so that your head comes close to your knees. Remember to contract your abdominal muscles when you perform this movement.
  4. Pause for 1 second.
  5. Next, lower your body back to the original position. That’s 1 rep.

Abs workout routine

Warm Up: Stretch your muscles, warm up your body. You do not want stiff muscles.

Exercise 1:

Regular Abs Crunches (20 * 3 sets)

Exercise 2:

Plank (Hold till failure)

Exercise 3:

Hanging Leg Raises (10 * 3 sets)

Exercise 4:

Oblique Crunches (12 * 2 sets each side)

Abs workout at home with equipment

There’s no difference in exercises. The basics remain the same, but if you have access to weights or dumbbells, then you can add resistance to your workout sessions. You can make it more intense and difficult by altering the repetitions and by pyramiding the weights.

For the regular crunches, hold the weight plates or the dumbbells intact with your chest region.

Instead of oblique crunches, you can also perform dumbbell side bent exercise.

You can also add in ab roller movements into your exercise.

abs workout at home


  1. Hold the ab roller with your hand and kneel on the floor.
  2. Place the ab roller in front of you. This will be your starting position.
  3. Now roll the roller forwards and stretch your abdominals.
  4. Stop when you are close to touching the ground.
  5. Next, roll back to the initial position.

For the advanced version of this exercise, instead of kneeling go to a push-up position holding a roller.



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