First of all I would like to be very clear that I am nobody to judge an individual if he/she prioritizes food over ethics or ethics over food. What he/she may have gone through or the situation that an individual is currently living in is the sole judge and forces an individual to prioritize certain things. Therefore, I would like the readers to think upon the topic and decide for yourself.

Let us start with the fundamental question: What is ethics?
According to Wikipedia, “ethics are moral principles that govern a person’s behaviour or the conducting of an activity”. Ethics can differ from person to person. What may seem to be an ethic to an individual maybe a sin to another.

I would really like to focus on the line “What may seem to be an ethic to an individual maybe a sin to another”. Consider a person name David (hypothetical name). He has a wife, a son and a daughter and an elderly grandmother who is incapable of doing any sort of physical activity. David works as a temporary clerk and earns Rs. 5000 per month. Also consider that he is the sole earner in the family. With this amount of money David sends his two children to a government school, buys groceries for his home and also pays medical bills of his grandmother. Do you think that with this amount of money he would be able to suffice all the expenditure? I do not think so. Many of you might already be thinking that he must be taking bribes considering the fact that he is just a clerk and earns only Rs. 5000 a month. Surely, he is doing something that is unethical to many of us. But is it unethical for him? He isn’t selfish, he doesn’t want anything. He just wants his family to live a normal life like the rest of us lives.

In 2014, the National Crime Records Bureau of India reported 5,650 farmer suicides. The highest number of farmer suicides were recorded in 2004 when 18,241 farmers committed suicide. Now the question is, why did the farmers commit suicide?
Probably because of hefty loans, or is it because they were ethical? I feel pity on them and their family members that they were honest. Will they get rewarded for their ethics? Probably not.

I’m sure by now that you may have got the point. This world is full of illusions. What may be right to you may be wrong to others, and what may be wrong to you may be right to others.


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