Venue: Taj Bengal, Kolkata
Date: 19th March, 2019
Slot: 8:15 am

I may or may not convert these premier institutions, but I’m sure liking the hotels (Laughs). From Novotel to Taj Bengal, I have explored them all. Thanks to the admission coordinators, or whosoever is in charge of booking the hotels (lol).

The day started with the document verification process. After the verification process was over, we were divided into 3 panels and was taken to one of the rooms. The chairs were arranged in a semi-circle, and we were 9 in number, with the panelists facing us.

We were handed a case, wherein, there were two brothers who had started an organic farming company. The company had made profits of 600 crores in its 4 years of existence, but now was stagnant. The brothers feared that the farmers working under them would get impatient, and the brothers were also puzzled if the company would be able to move further.
We were to identify the possible solutions for the proper growth of the company.

Everyone presented their own views on how the company should progress. I spoke about Sikkim’s consistency, despite their low crop yields at first. I also spoke about the utilization of some portion of the revenue in terms of advertising. I concluded my view point by talking about the challenges faced by the farmers and the possible solutions associated with it, so that the farmers wouldn’t panic.

The group discussion lasted for 30 minutes. We had to analyze the case in the first 10 minutes, discuss it for the next 10 minutes, and then write down the summary of the GD in the last 10 minutes.

The interview of our panel was conducted by 1 male professor and 1 female alum (guess). I’ll call them M1 and F1.

M1: So, who is Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna? (Resembles the name of the university that my college was affiliated to)

Sir he was a political leader, but I’m not completely aware of him. (Actually he was a Congress Party leader and the former CM of Uttar Pradesh)

F1: So you are from Kalimpong right? What do you know about the teesta river rafting?

Ma’am it is a white water rafting. As you raft down the river, you can experience the dense forests, the vegetation, fishes, and different birds. You can also see the small villages as you further raft downwards.

F1: Where does it originate from and what is its destination?

(A little confused) It originates from Kanchenjunga and merges into the Bay of Bengal.

F1: The tidal waves in Teesta is higher than that of the Rishikesh. Why?

Explained how the NHPC dam plays a vital role. Also talked about the altitude of the Teesta river being a factor.

M1: What subjects do you like?

Sir, agronomy. (We had to study agronomy for the whole 4 years, so I was quite comfortable in agronomy)

M1: Any other subjects?

Soil Science (Interviewer always plays this game with you. I knew for sure that now they’ll ask questions related to soils)

F1: What kind of soils are found in West Bengal?

Laterite, Alluvial, Terrestrial, Red Soils etc.

F1: Why is red soil red in colour?

The red colour is due to the ferric oxides present in the soil. However the top soil is not abundant of ferrous compounds. As we dig deeper into the soil, we find abundance of ferrous compounds.

F1: How do you make the soil alkaline?

With the help of carbonate compounds, mainly calcium carbonate. We mix CaCO3 with the soil, but it takes some time for the compounds to fully mix with the soil.

M1: What are loamy soils?


M1: How do you see yourself in 10 years?

Was prepared for this. Answered quite comfortably.

M1: What do you do during your free time?

Explained how I help my father in his business.

M1: Any hobbies?

Sir, I like solving Sudoku puzzles, and I also write articles. I also like gardening and have been cultivating some common vegetables.

F1: What do you write?

(You know what I write, lol)

F1 says she’s done with the questions and looks at M1. (M1 wasn’t yet over with the questions)

M1: How good are you in Maths?

Sir I had studied Maths till class 12 and I also studied during my CAT preparation.

M1: What transportation did you take to reach the venue?

Sir I booked an Uber.

M1: Say for example, the moment you enter the cab the driver charges Rs 50. Also for every km travelled you’d be charged Rs. 10. Please write down the equation for the same and also represent it with a graph.

I took Rs. 50 to be the fixed cost.

Took a variable ‘y’ to be the km travelled.

Total Expenditure = 50 + y*10

I also drew a graph.

M1 says he was done with the questions.

M1, F1: Thank you for your time.

Thank you sir.

I’ve tried to represent the interview in an honest way. I did not add in the extras (lol). However, there were some chitchats between us during the interview. I did not write those in my transcript as I do not remember them (Damn my memory, could have been much more interesting).


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