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Are you one of those who is overwhelmed by the number of exotic diet plans? Indian cuisine is known for its vibrant spices and condiments and has a wide variety of rich flavors of which we can easily get addicted to and gain weight.

So should we stop enjoying them? Definitely not.

In fact, we should limit them, know the macros that they contain and formulate a meal plan that contains an adequate amount of goodness and health friendly-foods.

7 Recommended Weight Loss Tips

1. Do not starve yourself: Are you one of those who skips meals to lose weight? If so, then you are in the wrong direction. Starving yourself isn’t beneficial in the long run. There’s always a tendency that you might consume some junk food that will hamper your weight loss.

2. Divide your foods into an adequate number of servings: Suppose say for example, you consume 200 grams of rice in 1 serving. 200 grams of rice would mean around 266 calories and around 58 grams of carbohydrates, and that is quite a lot for an individual with moderate physical activity. It would significantly spike your insulin levels and will convert the excess calories into fats: to be used later.
Dividing the 200 grams of rice into 2-3 servings would give you constant energy, thus reducing the chances of storing the excess energy as fats.

3. Home-made foods are the best: The advantage of cooking the meals at home is that you get to know what you’re eating. You can use lesser oil, or just use cooking spray instead of oils. You can weigh in the ingredients using a food scale to get an approximate amount of the macros and the calories.
It also gives you the flexibility of planning your meals.

4. Count your macros: In order to lose weight, you need to consume fewer calories than you actually require. Doing so, your body burns the fats to make up for the loss in calories.
The first thing is to calculate the total daily calorie requirement. The next thing is to reduce your total daily calorie by a margin of 500 calories. The last thing is to eat sufficiently and keep track of the foods you consumed.

5. Divide your meals: If you’re currently eating 3 times a day, increase the frequency to 5 times a day without adding in extra meals. Just divide the meals proportionately and you’re good to go.
Following this routine also helps you suppress hunger.

6. Eat more salads: If you’re still hungry, don’t shy away from salads. Use more of cucumber, lettuce, tomatoes etc to increase the volume of the meals. Make use of the salads during your snack time.

7. Exercise: Without any form of physical activity, it would be impossible to lose weight. Physical activity helps you increase your metabolism, it also helps you increase the burn in calories.
Can’t go to the gym? It’s completely fine. Make use of your surroundings. You can walk in the park, you can jog, do some free-hand exercises.

Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan for 4 Weeks

Week 1

Breakfast: Oatmeal + egg omelette + tea/coffee

Morning Snack: 1 apple + 5 almonds

Lunch: 80 grams of white rice + 100 grams of chicken + dal

Afternoon Snack: 1 fruit + 1 scoop whey protein/4 egg whites

Dinner: 2 Rotis + vegetables + dal

Week 2

Breakfast: Multigrain Parantha + Curd

Morning Snack: 2 slices of brown bread + 1 tbsp of peanut butter/cheese spread

Lunch: 2 Rotis + vegetables + Salad + Dal

Afternoon Snack: Fruit Chat

Dinner: 100 grams chicken breast + Roti/Rice + Dal

Week 3

Breakfast: Cereals + 4 egg whites + tea/coffee

Morning Snack: 1 fruit of your choice + 5 almonds

Lunch: 50 grams of white rice + 100 grams of paneer + dal

Afternoon Snack: 1 scoop of whey protein + 2 slices of brown bread + cheese spread

Dinner: Salads + 2 Rotis + 50 grams of chicken breast + dal

Week 4

Breakfast: Oatmeal + egg omelette + tea/coffee

Morning Snack: Fruit chat + 1 tbsp of heavy whipped cream

Lunch: Non-veg/veg Biryani + Salads

Afternoon Snack: Sandwich of your choice + tea/coffee

Dinner: Roti/Rice + vegetables/Chicken + Dal

Sample Diet Plan with Macros

weight loss meal plan

The above meal plan is a sample and may or may not work for you. As discussed above, you should first calculate your BMR and the total daily calorie requirement and then subtract 500 calories from your total daily calorie requirement. After you figure out the calories that you need to consume, create a meal plan based on the foods that you eat every day considering the above examples as the guidelines.

Indian Weight Loss Exercise Program

After you decide to follow the above Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan, you need to strengthen it with proper training sessions as well to lose body fat in a much faster way.

The training sessions should focus on compound exercises, cardio, and HIIT workouts.

Below is a free training guide to get you started immediately.

Week 1 & Week 2


Bench-press (15-12 * 3sets)

Arnold Press (20-15 * 3sets)

Machine Lat Pull-downs (15-12 * 3sets)

Bent over barbell rows (18-15 * 3 sets)

20 minutes cardio


Tricep Dips (20 * 3sets)

Barbell bicep curl (15-12 * 3 sets)

Inclined bench-press (15 * 3sets)

Stiff legged deadlifts (15-12 * 3 sets)

HIIT workout

Wednesday: Rest day


Squat (20-18 * 3 sets)

Leg-press (20 * 3 sets)

Romanian Deadlifts (15-12 * 3 sets)

20 minutes cardio


Flat Bench-press (15-12 * 3sets)

Skullcrushers (15 * 3sets)

Underhand bent-over barbell rows (15 * 3sets)

Incline Dumbell Flys (20-18 * 3sets)

HIIT workout


Barbell shoulder press (20 * 3sets)

Shoulder lateral raises (15-12 * 3sets)

Squats (20 * 3sets)

Dumbell bicep curls (15 * 3sets)

Tricep Dips (20 * 3sets)

Sunday: Rest

Week 3 & Week 4


Flat Bench-press (20-18 * 3sets)

Skullcrushers (20 * 3sets)

Incline Dumbell Flys (15 * 3sets)

Decline Bench-press (15 * 3sets)

Overhead Dumbell tricep extensions (20-15 * 3sets)


20-minute Stairmaster

20-minute treadmill


Machine Lat Pull-Downs (15 * 3sets)

Barbell Bicep Curls (20-15 * 3sets)

Overhand Bentover Barbell rows (15 * 3sets)

Preacher Hammer Curls (15 * 3sets)

One arm bent-over dumbbell rows (12 * 3sets)


Barbell shoulder-press (20 * 3sets)

Shoulder side lateral raises (15 * 3sets)

Barbell shrugs (20 * 3sets)

20 minute Stairmaster/treadmill


Squat (20 * 3sets)

Standing Calf raises (30 * 3sets)

Leg press (15-12 * 3sets)

Alternate Leg Lunges (15 * 3sets)


HIIT workout

Sunday: Rest

Some general tips

The weight loss process takes time and you should be consistent with your diet plans and in your training sessions.

Staying consistent is the key here. “Rome was not built in a day”.

Plan your meals before the day begins. Cook your meals and store it in a Tupperware so that you do not have to consume junk foods on a tight schedule.

Weigh in yourself every morning on an empty stomach and record it in a notebook. After every 7 days average out your weight and compare it as you proceed further.

Reward yourself if you have stayed consistent for the entire 4 weeks. Plan out the next month depending on your goals.


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