Do you believe in Hell? Take a deep breath and calm yourself. The story goes that somewhere in 1989, a group of Russian Scientists drilled a hole on the earth’s surface some 14.5 km deep. After drilling to some extent, the drill broke and the scientist lowered in some equipment. To their surprise, the temperature was about 1,100°C, but what was even more surprising was the sounds that they heard. They only got a chance to record 17 seconds of audio before the microphone melted, but those were the 17 seconds of horrifying sounds.

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They were convinced that what they heard were the sounds of the hell and some scientists even quit their job on the spot. Those who stayed, were in for an even more of a surprise- urban legends say that a luminous plume of gas burst out of the earth’s surface and took the shape of the gigantic winged demon and the words “I HAVE CONQUERED” were seared into the flames. What they witnessed at that moment were so hard to digest that it has been reported that the medics gave everyone present on the site a dose of sedative just to erase their short-term memory.

The tale appeared just as the internet began to rise, and as the legends grew, so did the number of debunks. By now, many claim that the audio recorded and the story is false.

The first most obvious fact was that there was no such borehole in Siberia; however there was one on the Kola Peninsula in northern Russia, called the Kola Superdeep Borehole, located at a distance of about 16 km from Norway.

Some researchers noted that the timing of the story was suspiciously close to that of an article in the August 1989 edition of Science magazine, titled “European Deep Drilling Leaves Americans Behind”, which discussed the Kola project and a similar one in Germany.

Until the early 2002, nobody had heard the audio that was recorded back then by the scientists, but one fine day “Coast to Coast AM” emailed the audio recording to “Bell’s Radio”. The letter read as follows:

“I just recently began listening to your radio show and could not believe it when you talked about the sounds from hell tonight. My uncle had told me this story a couple of years ago, and I didn’t believe him. Like one of your listeners who discounted the story as nothing more than just a religious newspaper fabricated account. The story about the digging, the hearing of the sounds from hell, is very real. It did occur in Siberia. My uncle collected videos on the paranormal and supernatural. He passed away fairly recently… He let me listen to one of the audio tapes that he had on the sounds from hell in Siberia, and I copied it. He received his copy from a friend who worked at the BBC… Attached is that sound from my uncle’s tapes”.

Is it true? If so, why was the audio released after a wait of 12 long years? Many stories were woven around the same, but without any concrete evidence. Many internet sites asserted that the audio was looped, and was a layered version of the audio from the movie “Baron Blood”.

Till today, nobody has been able to figure out the truth, but we know that the specifics mentioned are false: there is no such borehole in Siberia; drilling equipment can’t operate at temperatures of 1,100°C and neither can the screaming vocal cords.


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